Seer Secrets Products Review (Facial Mist & Body Mist)

Seer Secrets

Hi all, after a long break I am finally back on my blog. So today I am writing a review about Seer Secrets products. I bought two of their products. Seer Secrets Lavender & Geranium facial spray & Heat absorbing body mist.

Seer Secrets Tranquility Facial Mist – This is a lavender & geranium facial spray. It can be used as a toner also. I love it’s packaging. it comes in a spray bottle. The sprayer is very fine. The smell is also very mild, soothing & calming. It has water like consistency. The bottle is made off clear plastic so you can see how much is left. It has 100 ml of product, which is very good for regular use.

Facial Mist

The packaging is very impressive as it comes in a round cardboard box with a tin cap on it which makes it very travel friendly.

Ingredients – Lavender hydrosol, Geranium hydrosol, Frankincense hydrosol, Silver hydrosol, Glycerine, Citric acid, Vitamin B5, Aloevera extract.

(Caution – Natural products can also be allergic to some people. Perform a patch test on inner elbow & leave for few minutes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.)

I love it because it’s not oily & greasy. It is non drying too. I have not faced any breakouts. I can use it anytime to refresh my skin. It is all natural & alcohol free product. ♥

Price – 297 rupees. You can buy it from Amazon.

Seer Secrets Heat Absorbing Body Mist – It is a unique blend formulated with five species of mint for people on the go. It has heat absorbing properties. This mist helps lower body temperature, palpitations, excessive thirst & blood pressure. It is an excellent way to cut the heat when you are sitting in your car, while traveling, being outdoor in the sun & wish to protect yourself from the harsh solar energy which could drain the body coolants.

Heat Absorbing Body Mist
Heat Absorbing Body Mist

Ingredients – Aqua, Benzoin, Denatured alcohol (molasses derived), Japanese mint essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Bergamot mint essential oil, Coriander mint essential oil, Camphor mint essential oil.

I was attracted to this product because I live in a very hot & humid weather. So I bought this heat absorbing body mist. It is unbelievably cooling. I use this as a body spray after my shower. I feel calm & cool in this hot summer days because of this product. I can feel it has mint in it. Also it is paraben & sls free.

One thing that I did not like, it has a very strong mint smell. After sometime it smells like I have dust all over my body 😐 . For that reason I am not seeing myself using this product very often.

Price – 396 rupees. You can buy it from Amazon.

Every Seer Secrets product is all natural, cruelty free & made in India.

Until next time, thank you.

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