Let Your Creativity Flow (The Creative Woman’s Journal)

When you are puzzled, you have to talk to somebody or write your thoughts down, to clear out the mess in your head. Those who like to write their own thoughts, emotions, plans, or even doodle sometimes, this can be the best journal or diary for you which I am going to talk about today.

First let me introduce you to this, this is Matrika’s Woman’s Journal. They have four variants. Each variant represents something creative & different.

  1. Butterfly – To dream.
  2. Dragonfly – To fly.
  3. Fish – To glide.
  4. Feather – To write.

So, I got the feather one. Because I love to write plus I like the attractive red color of it. It has a feather design on it which is in golden color, makes it more attractive.

Creative diary
Creative Journal

Now coming to this journal, it has so many features in it, more than anyone can ever think of.

  • It has ruled pages.
  • 8 adult coloring sheets.
  • 4 pages filled with fun stickers.
  • Doodle sheets.
  • An envelope attached to it for important things.
  • 3 special pages for – books to be read, places to be visited and name & address of important contacts.
  • It also has a pen-holder & elastic band to hold your diary securely.
adult coloring
Adult Coloring Sheet

These adult coloring pages are so addictive that I couldn’t resist myself. ♥♥♥

People say that coloring is therapeutic & stress relieving. I can’t agree more.

Creative stickers

These stickers are so fun but at the same time, these can help you to organize your life.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


^These four sections are helping me so much.

The size of this journal is so convenient that you can take it with you anywhere.

It has so many pages that you can use it for really long time.

I am a makeup & beauty blogger. I believe makeup is an art. That’s why they call them makeup artists.  I love creative things. So this is possibly the best journal to me, for it’s uniqueness.

Not only me, I think this will be the best thing for every creative woman out there.

If you want to buy this, you can buy it from here

Matrika’s  Facebook Page.

Until next time, stay creative.

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