10 Tips & Tricks For Long Lasting Makeup

Festive season is here. So we all need our bulletproof makeup that can last all day. Especially in this hot & humid months in India, it’s very difficult to keep your makeup intact all day. But I have some tips & tricks for long lasting makeup. let’s go then …

Long Lasting Makeup
                                                                                   Long Lasting Makeup
  1. Proper Skincare Routine – Don’t skip your CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) routine. Also use a scrub at-least once a week. It doesn’t matter how good your foundation is if you do not take care of your skin.
  2. Use A Moisturizer – Include a moisturizer to your makeup routine according to your skin type. Wait for 10 minutes to get it absorbed. For daytime, use a sunscreen.
  3. Don’t Layer Too Much – Layering is good for makeup but how much is too much? 3 layers foundation, 2 layers concealer, cream blush then powder blush to set, it is too much. All these layering works for camera but not in real life. Your face will look cakey for sure. Sometimes, less is more.
  4. Primer Is Must – Primer is very useful for long lasting makeup. If you have dry skin then use a hydrating primer. Avoid primers that has too much silicone, otherwise your foundation will move & slip around.
  5. Oil & Water Do Not Mix Well – If you are using oil based moisturizer & your foundation is water based, then the chances are you can’t blend your foundation properly or your foundation will end up looking patchy or blotchy. Try to use a water based moisturizer & foundation.
  6. Set It With Powder – Always set your face with powder. If you have oily skin, try to bake your under eye area & t-zone with a loose powder.
  7. Use A Setting Spray – After you are done with your makeup, use a setting spray. Setting sprays are designed to hold your makeup for longer period of time.
  8. Blotting Technique – Blot your face with a blotting paper whenever you feel shiny.
  9. Touch Ups – Always keep a powder & lipstick with you. Slightly dust powder after blotting. You can also retouch your lipstick after eating or drinking.
  10. Don’t Touch It – Try to avoid touching your face. Otherwise your makeup can smudge. Also by doing this you are inviting the dirt & germs on your hands.

Here are Some products that will help you,

Lacto Calamine Classic,

Lakme Primer,

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder As Loose Powder,

Makeup Revolution Setting Spray.

These 10 things can help you with your all day makeup.

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